Beechwood Blue Gallery

Beechwood Blue Gallery will be finishing its exciting and inspiring run, with the change of hands of the Blue Lemon restaurant in April. In 3 years we presented, 10 shows, 118 artists, 200 pieces of art and 25 Creative Conversations with Artists. 

Thanks to all the artists and patrons for your part in making this such a success. And thanks to Chef Bryan Malcarney and Tamsen Heath for putting their trust in us over the years. Good luck with to them with their new ventures!


Beechwood collaborates with one of Westport’s top restaurants in a

Culinary+Art+Conversation Collaboration

As part of our mission to bring the arts together, we’re elevating the relationship between great artists and top restaurants in a way that it is a win for all - creating buzz and new interest for the restaurant, sales for artists and an immersive artistic and culinary experience for patrons.   

  1. -We curate work from our "Beechwood Circle of Artists" around a theme, changing shows every 3-4 months

  2. -We create an “Art Menu” for patrons, including thumbnail pictures, artist bios and information for purchasing the art

  3. -We host numerous events around the art, including an opening party, Creative Conversations and special themed dinners and events with Chef Bryan Malcarney

  4. -Patrons are encouraged to vote on their favorite works. We offer special prizes for the Patron’s Choice, as well as the Chef Recommends pick

What people are saying about our shows:

"These days it is important for restaurants to provide our guests with a fuller experience beyond a great meal.  Having a partner provide access to high-level art creates a richer experience for our guests."
- Chef/Restaurant Owner

"In a restaurant you spend a lot of time sitting in one place. Its great to see high quality art around you rather than art that seems like an afterthought or just blends in with the background. Having the Art List stimulates conversation and engages me with the art. This is very compelling!” - Art/Restaurant Patron 

"Having my work in a Beechwood show is dramatically different from my experience hanging work in restaurants on my own, where I felt the work was minimized, poorly lit and placed with no information given to guests.  This feels like a real gallery." - Artist