The Beechwood Open 2021


Thank you to our wonderful Donors, Volunteers and Business Supporters

Beechwood Arts' Most Popular Annual Event is BACK!

Sunday August 1, 2-6pm

This Year’s Open Theme is

“Opening Up” (of course!)

Come play and celebrate our 10th year with us at our most popular annual event, where YOU bring the Arts Immersion!

Everyone brings the party and enjoys everyone else’s contributions! In addition to sign ups, there are World-Class tent-pole performances, special installations, surprises and 3 acres of grounds for you to explore!

We’ve planned lots of activities. Read details below!

We are thrilled to be partnering with The Vanishing Species-Vanishing Mural Artists, The Aspetuck Land Trust and The Pollinator Pathway for this installation. The Artists will descend on Beechwood to paint up our garage and workshop building with endangered species of CT Birds, Bees, Butterflies & Trees!

Their compelling artwork will bring awareness to the fragile, precarious state of many CT Birds, Bees, Butterflies & Trees. For the past several years, Beechwood has participated in the Aspetuck Land Trust’s Green Corridor Initiative and the Pollinator Pathway Effort - both encourage homeowners to plant more native species and to create a bridge across the "lawn deserts" that impede so many pollinators.


Watch & Listen as world-renowned as well as up-and-coming pianists leave their legacy by spontaneously "Laying It Down" on Beechwood’s new Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano for this inaugural LID Session.

The LID Sessions are an initiative created by Frederic Chiu to create an archive of pianists that live, visit and pass through an area. These legendary pianists will perform a piece on Beechwood's new Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano that records the exact actions, movements (hands and pedal) of the pianist and allows the piano to play it back real-time. But this isn't just for legends, but for anyone who considers themselves a pianist!

All Pianists are welcome to reserve a spot to leave your legacy!

Show & Sell your artwork! Many artists have been working in their studio in the last year and much of it may not have gotten out yet. Bring it by and show everyone what you've been working on! This year's theme is "Opening Up!" with a broad interpretation!

Work can be shown 2 ways:

Artists INDOOR - Gallery Wall Space (Must be wired and ready to hang 1 hour prior to the event.) Choose SM, SM Double, Med or LG Spaces,

Artists OUTDOOR: BYO Easel(s) and set up where you like! (3 pieces max)

Mid-summer is a wonderful time to explore the Beechwood grounds! There is natural beauty for sure, but there are also wonderful sculptures and art installations.

Sculptors and Installation Artists will find many inspirational spaces to place or create work on the grounds. You can be one of them!

NOTE: All sculptures must be fully installed by July 28.

Experimentation Encouraged!

Our Stage this year will be on the solid and fertile ground underneath Beechwood's 400 yr old Copper Beech tree, with the broad wide branches "Opening Up" above! We are so excited that several of our favorite performers will be returning to help us celebrate our 10th year at the Beechwood Open. They are world-class performers so don't miss them.

But much of the time on stage will be for YOU, the performers in the Beechwood Community. Read a poem, lead a Qigong exercise, do a magic trick, play guitar and sing, do a stand-up routine, etc.

Show us what you've been working on while you've been sheltering at home!

All the Creators for The Beechwood Open have signed up! Spaces left only for Arts Lovers to Come & Enjoy!


  1. Artwork in the gallery - FULL!

  2. Outdoor Installation and Sculptures - FULL!

  3. Vanishing Mural - FULL!

  4. Performances - FULL!

  5. Recordings for the LID Session - FULL!

  6. Creative Market Tables - FULL!

  7. All-Arts Lovers, Come and Enjoy it all! $40 - UNLIMITED!