SPRING: April 1 “Inspired SelfCare” Be led through the seven steps to inspired and empowered self care, taking home with you holistic tools & techniques for nourishing body, mind, and spirit every day.   Max 20 participants

SUMMER: June 10 “Ignite Your Heart’s Desire” Connect with your own truest yearnings and innermost wishes, and learn how to manifest this to lead a happier, more peaceful and purposeful life.   Max 12 participants 

FALL: Sept 16 “Raise Your Creative Vibration”
This exciting creative adventure into talismans and amulets is designed to help you unblock or release creativity, freeing yourself up to give yourself permission to play.   Max 20 participants 

WINTER: Nov 18 “Live Your Authentic Life“
Use the "Four Agreements" to transform old beliefs into new practices that represent who you really are. Uncover your authentic self to live a more fulfilling and vibrant life.  Max 20 participants

One Retreat Per Season…

Keep Yourself Renewed & Revitalized All Year!

*price includes all materials, snacks & beverages. Bring lunch, Dress comfortably. All retreats held at Beechwood Arts 52 Weston Rd WESTPORT, CT. To apply for needs-based pricing: contact@beechwoodarts.org