Arts Immersion Salons with

Salon Around the World™


Arts Immersion Salons - The core of the Beechwood Arts experience.

  1. -Each Salon explores a theme, with curated elements of Music, Visual Arts, Film, Performance and Culinary Arts to create a total-sensory immersion.

  2. -A salon takes 3-4 months of preparation, and is shared with our Beechwood community as well as our global network of Satellite Salons through our Salon Around the World© program.

  3. -Our salons foster cross-generational collaboration, pairing world-recognized masters with young creators for mutual learning and inspiration.

  4. -Explore some of our past salons by clicking below.

The Arts Immersion Salon is Beechwood’s signature event and the heart of the season. Throughout the season we will explore the theme of impactful Journeys through music, visual art, sculpture, performance, film and culinary arts.

More about the JOURNEYS Salon HERE